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GreenElec is a European green energy producer which mostly generate electricity with biomass fuel. Vietnam was identified as a great source of biomass fuel because of the high density of wood processing factories in Binh Duong province. Once the decision made to build a wood pellet plant in Vietnam, many supply chain related question followed:

  • Which suppliers to source from?

  • Where the factory should be located?

  • Which transport mode and storage facility should be used?

  • Which road, river and seaport infrastructure would be able to handle the flow?

  • Which logistic service provider should be used?

GreenElec first priority was to set up the most reliable supply chain to avoid any shortage on the Dutch power plant side. GreenElec asked CEL to help to identify the ideal location for the plant and to design and implement an inbound and outbound logistics system, taking into account Vietnam infrastructure constraints and development plans.



"Assess - Design -Implement"


  • Review Infrastructure

  • Compare factory locations

  • Assess suppliers' logistic capabilities

  • Evaluate transport and handling alternatives


  • Model options and simulate costs & risks

  • Decide the factory location

  • Determine the carbon footprint

  • Evaluate investment


  • Tender & select of logistic service providers

  • Source transport and handling equipment

  • Advise facilities and equipment design

  • Monitor operations performance



"...Realistic and feasible solutions..."

CEL provided:

  • Visibility on supply chain scenarios and operational options

  • Realistic and feasible solutions given Vietnam context

  • Coherence all along the supply chain to ensure synchronized, reliable and cost-efficient flow.

  • Advice on how the equipment and infrastructure should be designed to ensure smooth logistics operations.

  • An extensive network of service providers that accelerated tendering and implementation.



Supply Chain & Operations In Emerging Markets

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