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CEL Overview


Since 2005, CEL has been providing consultancy, technology and training solutions

in the field of Demand Management, Supply Chain and Logistics in emerging markets. 

Agility, efficiency and scalability being critical conditions for success in fast growing economies, we have tailored our approach around the dynamics and constraints specific to emerging environment. We offer insights, perspectives, solutions and deliver financial results to our clients in Asia, South America and Africa.

Unique Solutions

Green Metrix 

Green Metrix is a Supply Chain GHG Emissions Monitoring Solution to get started a sustainable supply chain. Green Metrix powered by CEL Consulting, based on GHG Protocol and GLEC Framework, consolidates companies’ supply chain data and computes the accurate and granular measures of CO2 emissions. Results are displayed in Comprehensive GHG Online Dashboard and can be used to automate report generation. Additionally, custom models can also be developed to monitor the full supply chain footprint over time in any type of industries.​ 

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Supply Chain Simulation

CEL has developed a unique solution helping C-Levels to take solid strategic decision by creating business models and simulation what the future could be (cost, capacity, sales, service level, inventory, profitability, ROI, ROA, etc...) under different scenarios (setting up new factory, distribution center, reaching new markets, investing in new equipment, etc...) This allows to validate high level business cases, define expansion plans, quantify risks and avoid costly and time consuming "real-life" trial-and-errors.

Demand Forecasting 

Forecast Master is a holistic demand forecasting solution that help companies improve forecast performance by optimizing the forecast process (consulting), equip planners and forecasters with necessary skills and knowledge (training), and provide the best-in-class forecasting software (technology). Forecast Master helps companies have a better look at the big picture, reduce unnecessary spending, schedule production and staffing, avoid missing potential opportunities and manage cash flow.

Join Us

A career with CEL Consulting - whether you join us as an intern, a graduate, an early professional, an experienced professional or a senior – provides a gateway into immense learning opportunities, effective innovative supply chain consulting project methodology in the region. A career with CEL Consulting brings you everyday new, with a lot of challenges and feeling of achievement and contribution.

Being a member of CEL Consulting is in addition an opportunity to be part of an adventure of a very dynamic company with clear intension of becoming the leader in Emerging Markets in Supply Chain & Operations Consulting. The best people are needed for that to happen. So if you are thinking about a career at CEL Consulting or you are interested in learning how your skills, expertise and interests fit with available job opportunities – then we invite you to find out more…

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