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CSCP Module 3

Implementation and Operations

This module addresses managing and balancing supply and demand by measuring, analyzing, and improving supply chain processes. While the first two modules addressed basic concepts and strategies, this module provides methods, tools and best practices for implementing these strategies and for running supply chain operations.

  • Supply chain dynamics and the balance of responsiveness and efficiency

  • Managing supply from internal and external sources

  • Implementation of demand plans, including prioritization and fulfillment, and capturing and communicating point-of-sale data

  • Tools and techniques to support continuous improvement strategies.


Section A: Comply with Standards, Regulations, and Sustainable Best Practices

Chapter 1: International Standards and Regulatory Compliance

Topic 1: Import/Export, Intellectual Property, and Licensing Compliance

Topic 2: International Accounting, Tax, and Labor Laws


Chapter 2: Corporate Social Responsibility Considerations

Topic 1: Triple Bottom Line

Topic 2: The UN Global Compact and the Global Reporting Initiative

Topic 3: Other Sustainability Guidelines


Chapter 3: Social, Environmental, Safety, and Quality Accreditations and Certifications

Topic 1: Standards, Accreditations, and Certifications

Topic 2: Quality Accreditations and Certifications

Topic 3: Environmental Accreditations and Certifications

Topic 4: Social Accreditations and Certifications

Topic 5: Safety Accreditations and Certifications


Section B: Manage Risk in the Supply Chain

Chapter 1: Risk Identification

Topic 1: Risk Management

Topic 2: Risk Identification and Documentation

Topic 3: Supply Chain Risk


Chapter 2: Risk Assessment and Classification

Topic 1: Qualitative Risk Analysis

Topic 2: Quantitative Risk Analysis


Chapter 3: Risk Response

Topic 1: Risk Response Planning

Topic 2: Preventive and Contingent Action Plans for the Supply Chain

Topic 3: Business Continuity and Plan Implementation


Chapter 4: Security, Regulatory, and Compliance Concerns

Topic 1: Security and Regulatory Concerns

Topic 2: Risk Standards


Section C: Measure, Analyze, and Improve the Supply Chain

Chapter 1: Supply Chain Metrics

Topic 1: Supply Chain Strategy and Metrics Selection

Topic 2: Customer-Focused Metrics

Topic 3: Financial Metrics

Topic 4: Operational Metrics


Chapter 2: Measuring Performance and Customer Service

Topic 1: Measuring and Communicating Performance

Topic 2: SCOR Performance Measures

Topic 3: Measuring Operational and Financial Performance

Topic 4: Measuring Customer Service Levels


Chapter 3: Continuous Improvement and Change Management

Topic 1: Continuous Improvement

Topic 2: Lean and Just-In-Time

Topic 3: Other Continuous Improvement Philosophies

Topic 4: Change Management


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