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You can't find off-the-shelf solution to answer your operational needs?

CEL brings together 3 domains of expertise to tailor software solutions: Supply Chain, Data Science, Software Development.

No more endless discussions with IT people that have no clue nor interest in the business outcome of the software.

You'll speak with people that understand your true functional needs: operational experts, supply chain consultants, BPM analysts. We define your requirements, we explain the implications of your choices, we highlight business risks and benefits... all this in plain English, leaving asides technical jargon.

What it allows you is to keep the focus on the application of the tool in your business context - explaining the specific details of your supply chain, those that will ultimately ensure that the software adds business value.

We develop software following SCRUM/AGILE methodology. Which means you wont wait for months to see something working. Small iterative development sprints allow to bring very quickly intermediate versions of the tool to you so you can react, adjust, modify, refine, reorient along the way. No unpleasant surprises - what matters is alignment.

We also provide quick feedback about the implications of specific functional choices you may make. It's always tricky to find the right set of features most critical to focus on, leaving for later what is "good to have". Thanks to CEL feature backlog tools, you track what is to be released next, what's coming soon and what needs to be planned in later stages of development.

Ultimately, a software is a living digital organism - we define with you what its evolution will look like and we react fast if its ecosystem changes (i.e. change of enterprise system, reorganization, unexpected market evolution...)

Once the tool is ready for usage, we create easy-to-use documentation, train users and offer support and maintenance services to ensure that the tool works and evolves with your needs.


  • Machine Learning Demand Forecasting

  • Demand / Supply Advanced Analytics

  • Production & Supply Planning

  • Production Scheduling - Factory simulator

  • Multi-echelon Inventory Planning

  • Regional production capacity allocation - optimization

  • Warehouse Management System for Bulk material

  • Regional Network Optimization

  • Co2 footprint monitoring for supply chain network


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Supply Chain & Operations In Emerging Markets

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