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Fri, Mar 15


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DUAL DYNAMICS: Balancing Cuts & Growth in Supply Chains for Uncertain Times

Discover the winning strategy at DUAL DYNAMICS, March 15, 2024, in HCMC. Master the art of balancing cost-cutting and growth in supply chains during uncertain times. Join us for insights to navigate the 'Slowcession' and thrive!

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Time & Location

Mar 15, 2024, 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Location is TBD

About The Event


Balancing Cuts & Growth in Supply Chains for Uncertain Times

HCMC, Friday, March 15, 2PM - 6PM GMT+7 2024

As the economy concludes 2023 amidst a 'Slowcession,' navigating the complexities of market slowdowns becomes more critical than ever. Much like in sports, where victory hinges on a well-coordinated blend of defense and offense, the supply chain industry, particularly in these uncertain times, demands a similar tactical equilibrium. The fluctuating economic landscape, marked by the slow but persistent downturn, underscores the need for a dual strategy in supply chains: one that harmonizes defensive cost-cutting with offensive growth initiatives. Our "Dual Dynamics" event emerges as a crucial response to these unique challenges, offering insights and strategies tailored to thrive in an environment rife with uncertainty and shifts in the market. This event is more than just a discussion; it's a playbook for resilience and growth amidst the 'Slowcession'.

Economic Background

  • Global Economic Uncertainties: Ongoing challenges including trade tensions, fluctuating markets, and the aftermath of the pandemic have led to economic unpredictability.
  • Cost Pressures: Businesses face rising operational costs due to supply chain disruptions and inflationary trends.
  • Need for Agile Responses: The demand for innovative solutions to navigate these economic turbulences is higher than ever.

Who Should Join

  • Supply Chain and Business Professionals seeking to adapt to the changing economic landscape.
  • Financial and Strategic Planners dealing with the impacts of economic uncertainties on supply chains.
  • Entrepreneurs, Business leaders, Academics interested in the dynamic interplay between economy and supply chain management.

Topics Covered

  • Defensive Strategies - Cost Management in Supply Chains
  • Offensive Strategies - Identifying Growth Opportunities
  • Balancing Act - Combining Defense and Offense
  • Developing a Dual Strategy Playbook

Expected Outcomes

  • Deeper understanding of implementing dual strategies in supply chains.
  • Practical insights on balancing cost efficiency with growth opportunities.
  • Enhanced network connections with industry peers.

Did You Know About DUAL DYNAMICS In Football? 

  • FC Barcelona Under Pep Guardiola: Guardiola's Barcelona was famous for its "tiki-taka" style of play, which involved maintaining possession and precise passing. This approach was not just offensive; it also served as a defensive mechanism. By keeping the ball, the team prevented the opposition from attacking, effectively merging offense and defense.
  • Liverpool FC Under Jürgen Klopp: Klopp's Liverpool is known for its "Gegenpressing" or counter-pressing style, where players aggressively press the opposition immediately after losing possession. This tactic is both a defensive method to win back the ball quickly and an offensive strategy to create scoring opportunities.
  • Italian National Team (Various Eras): Italian football, particularly the national team, has historically been known for its strong defensive tactics, known as "Catenaccio." However, modern iterations of the team have combined this with a more proactive offensive play, making them a well-rounded side.
  • Ajax Amsterdam Under Erik ten Hag: Ten Hag's Ajax displayed a balanced approach with a focus on high pressing and quick transitions from defense to attack, reflecting the principles of "Total Football" pioneered by Dutch teams in the past.
  • Real Madrid Under Zinedine Zidane: Zidane's Real Madrid, especially during their consecutive UEFA Champions League wins, showcased a blend of solid defense with quick transitions to attack, utilizing the pace and skill of their forwards.

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