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CEL has the capability to perform modeling and quantitative analysis of a given consumer market integrating geographic, demographic, and behavioral dimensions. This in order to characterize and understand the market drivers and demand dynamics in order to define a solid Route-To-Market Strategy. We perform a Cost-To-Serve analysis to help our clients to understand the effort required to reach those markets.

Ultimately, we help to bring factual answers about where and how marketing, sales, and distribution initiatives should be made to capture most of the demand.

This type of analysis also provides a market intelligence framework which can be reused for planning purposes.


“Demographics help to model criteria referring to the population such as density, population ethnic mix, average household income, GDP per capita, etc.”



“Behavioral analysis integrates the characteristics relating to consumer behavior such as average basket value, channel preference, sensitiveness to promotions, etc.”



“Cost-To-Serve analysis helps to highlight the true total cost of reaching consumers in various area of a market to understand what contribution a particular area can have on the profit”


“Geographical perspective helps to understand where the market is actually. It highlights coverage issues and potentials help as well to define well-balanced distributor territory”



“Demand dynamics helps to characterize the demand behavior over time and foresee what cycles, patterns, trends are to be integrated to ensure appropriate distribution strategy”



Supply Chain & Operations In Emerging Markets

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