Special Services

Supply Chain Simulation

CEL has developed a unique solution helping C-Levels to take solid strategic decision by creating business models and simulate what the future could be (cost, capacity, sales, service level, inventory, profitability, ROI, ROA...) under different scenarios (setting up new factory, distribution center, reaching new markets, investing in new equipment...) This allows to validate high-level business cases, define expansion plans, quantify risks and avoid costly and time-consuming "real-life" trial-and-error.

Cold Chain Solutions

CEL has partnered with some of the most innovative solution providers in cold chain logistics. Refrigerated transport has been the reference until now, yet it is subjected to breakage in the cold chain and its cost remains high. With over 15 years of experience in cold chain for Distribution & Retail industry, we help our clients to design alternative solutions that offer a more stable temperature control along the chain while being up to 40% most cost-effective than with a traditional chilled truck.

Logistics operations improvement

Logistics operations are crucial in Vietnam where customers are demanding in term of service and expect a quick response to their query. Having a strong logistics operation which can evolve and adapt quickly to change is a key to reach Vietnam market. Running a smooth logistics operation facilitate market access. It removes the pain of having a troublesome delivery process and having to handle complains and reputational damages.


The INO solution is developed with a focus on bulk storage with the purpose of enhancing control to increase the efficiencies in bulk warehouse management by providing real-time visibility into equipment and inventories. INO Bulk Warehouse. An operational cost reduction of up to 35% can be expected.

Route-To-Market Modeling

CEL has the capability to perform modelling and quantitative analysis of a given consumer market integrating geographic, demographic, and behavioural dimension. This in order to characterize and understand the market drivers and demand dynamics in order to define a solid Route-To-Market Strategy. We perform a Cost-To-Serve analysis to help our clients to understand the effort required to reach those markets. This type of analysis also provides a market intelligence framework which can be reused for planning purpose.

Outsourcing Logistics

The purpose of this service is to identify the optimal Logistic Service Provider for the mid or long-term execution of corresponding contracts covering transport and logistics. CEL acts as an independent 3rd party to helps to define specifications, formalizing comprehensive call for tender documents, pre-select most appropriate bidders available in the market, help to define evaluation criteria, review submission and investigate LSP actual capabilities and credentials, and support client with negotiation and contracting.

Advanced IT solutions

CEL has been helping Multinational companies and large local enterprises in the implementation and support of Supply Chain Information Systems. We offer unique functional expertise and hands-on project management capabilities together with a unique "off the shelf" selection of solutions. Key capabilities: IT Strategy definition, business process analysis & definition, specification Drafting, project management, change management, configuration, technical support.

Performance Monitoring

Metrix is a Business Intelligence & Dashboarding solution helping companies to collect data from any given system (ERPs, online forms, enterprise software, POS...) and consolidate into a customized dashboard accessible from any device and providing real-time information on company performance (sales, operations, finance, customer satisfaction...) Metrix is used in for various application in Manufacturing, Retail, Sales, Banking, and other Governmental Institutions.

Green Metrix

Green Metrix is a Supply Chain GHG Emissions Monitoring Solution. Green Metrix powered by CEL Consulting, based on GHG Protocol and GLEC Framework, consolidates companies’ supply chain data and computes the accurate and granular measures of CO2 emissions. Results are displayed in Comprehensive GHG Online Dashboard and can be used to automate report generation. Additionally, custom models can also be developed to monitor the full supply chain footprint over time in any type of industries.

Forecast Master

Forecast Master is a holistic demand forecasting solution that helps companies improve forecast performance by optimizing the forecast process (consulting), equip planners and forecasters with necessary skills and knowledge (training), and provide the best-in-class forecasting software (technology).

Supply Chain Diagnostic

Supply Chain Diagnostic service aims at evaluating your supply chain operations, including but not limited to structure, processes, people & organization, systems, performance management and risks. The objective of Supply Chain Diagnostic is to identify and prioritize areas of improvement opportunities in the supply chain and provide practical recommendations.

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