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Supply Chain Tactics Consulting


Align your Operations

Once a strong foundation is in place, the company should align its operations with the defined long-term strategy.


Running a supply chain requires many components to make it a completely functional and effective system. This means things like strategies, tactics, and daily operations. The problem isn’t necessarily getting everything working; it is ensuring your choices meet the expectations of your customers. The tactical side of the supply chain is crucial to the growth of your supply chain management operations – not just to maintain them.


Businesses make short-term decisions involving the supply chain at the tactical level. At the strategy level, general planning begins, but processes are actually defined at the tactical level. Tactical decisions play a big role in controlling costs and minimizing risks. At this level, the focus is on customer demands and achieving the best end value. Supply chain tactical decisions focus on adopting measures that will produce cost benefits for a company. Tactical decisions are made within the constraints of the overarching strategic supply chain decisions made by company management. Tactical supply chain decisions take the strategic message and focus on creating real benefits for the company. These can include tactical decisions in manufacturing, logistics, suppliers, and product development.


Common concerns include:

  • Procurement contracts for necessary materials and services

  • Production schedules and guidelines to meet quality, safety, and quantity standards

  • Transportation and warehousing solutions, including outsourcing and third-party options

  • Inventory logistics, including storage and end-product distribution

  • Adopting best practices in comparison to competitors


CEL Consulting Services designed for Tactics level include:

  • Supply Chain Organisation Structure & KPI Development

  • Supply Chain Planning

  • Demand Planning

  • Sales & Operations Planning

  • Supply Chain Audit

  • Working Capital Optimization

  • Supplier Development Programme

  • Warehouse Design

  • Supply Chain Performance Management

  • Tendering Support & Management

  • Vendor Selection


It is not the Companies that are competing. It is the Supply Chains that are competing. How confident are you for your supply chain tactics in the emerging economies like South East Asia, South America, and Africa... or in the new normal of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity?



Supply Chain & Operations In Emerging Markets

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