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Team Testimonials

Team Testimonials: Testimonial
Alexis - Corporate Photo 2018 - BW.jpg

An amazing team with worldwide members in a fascinating country. An advanced technological environment and new Supply Chain challenges. No regret, this is the internship I was looking for!

Alexis Bocuze, Supply Chain Analyst Internship 2018 

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Working at CEL is one of the best wonderful experiences I have ever had. Bonding the whole team together and empowering the team to their maximum of potential is one of the very unique things about CEL. What has always impressed me a lot is the people at CEL. They are always willing to share and learning for their continuous growth, in every level, from staff to managers, seniors.

Minh Le, Financial Accountant

Bao Cai - Corporate Photo_edited_edited.

It is a great experience for me as I have a chance to contribute to real-life projects, real-world problems. At the same time I also learn so much more than I could have ever imagined through every project. The people here are extraordinary as they are professional and youthful, despite their ages. That, makes me feel incredibly lucky for being here.

Bao Cai, Supply Chain Analyst


Working in CEL really makes me grown up. The job is challenging and always pushes me to improve my self day by day. The atmosphere between colleagues is quite cheerful, enjoyable. They are all wonderful people who are willing to support & make me comfortable to work with. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing place.

Chau Pham, Operations Executive

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Working at CEL means being part of a great multicultural team in which every single member is valued and encouraged. You will face challenging tasks as well as opportunities to widen your horizon and learn all about supply chains and logistic networks. I am excited to witness the ongoing growing process of CEL.

Ulrike Griesmann, Supply Chain Analyst


CEL for me is not a consulting firm only, CEL is a great experience. I had 4 internships as a student engineer… and the internship with CEL team was the best so far. People here know how to enjoy their work, be creative and professional. With CEL, I learned how to apply my skills and be a smart-worker rather than hard-worker.

Walid Akla, Simlation Developer


Being one of CEL team members is one of the great experiences that I have ever had. Especially as being a foreign fresh graduated engineer, CEL offers me not only the opportunity to enhance my technical skills and improve my managerial capabilities, but also the chance to explore different cultures in a really lovely environment, through CEL team members that come from different countries.

Fatima Saad, Supply Chain Analyst


CEL is a good working environment for a fresh graduate like me. I have chances to work with foreigners, learning new program languages, increasing my knowledge and experience. All members of CEL are very friendly. They work hard in working time and play hard in break time. They give me a lot of advice to improve myself. I am glad to be a part of CEL.

Dat Ha, Simulation Developer


During the working time at CEL, I have opportunities to enlarge my knowledge, build valued relationships and especially deeply involve in many diversified engagements and play the important role of the CEL family. Growing into professionals, I definitely believe that CEL will give me a bright and steady career development future pathway.

Cuong Vo, Supply Chain Analyst

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