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CEL is a privately owned consultancy and technology firm, established in 2005 and specialised in Supply Chain & Operations. CEL has offices in Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City together with remote collaborators from all over the world. For over 16 years, we have been helping hundreds of clients over 4 continents - Asia, Oceania, Africa and Oceania. We help leaders and decision makers in medium and large organisations to maximise financial returns, plan for growth and minimise the environmental impact through the design, optimisation and planning of their supply chains. We do it by the means of: 

  • Consultancy services

  • Data & Software services

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Our raw material is data, our domain expertise is supply chain, our commitment is to our clients,
our way of life is innovation, our aim is to contribute to a more balanced & effective world.
& Beverage
Agro- industry
& Distribution
& Textile
Building Materials
Bulk Commodities
& Transport



Practically we help answer important questions where supply chain is involved. The impactful questions. The one that, if answered, could change the game. ​

  • Can we source and distribute products more effectively? What change in our network would help us reduce cost, carbon footprint and time to market?

  • What if we'd invest in new infrastructure assets? Where, how big, how much, for what returns?

  • How can we serve our customer better? To what extent we could tailor our services around customer segments? How can we reduce our cost-to-sales and improve our overall profitability?

  • Are there ways to reduce our inventory without creating more shortages? What amount of working capital can we free up

  • How can we improve our forecast accuracy? What benefits we can expect from it? 

  • How can we plan our demand and supply more effectively? How can we cope with limited data and infrastructure?

  • How can we increase our market coverage? Where is it most profitable to expand? How much market share  should we capture, where?

  • Where can I set new stores, new facilities considering future demand and supply evolutions? What revenue & cost we could expect from them?

  • Can we rationalise our portfolio based on the end-to-end profitability of each product?

From DATA to PLAN. We turn your data into insights, insights into alternatives, alternatives into decisions, decisions into plans.



Our decision-centric services and dozens of implementations in multiple companies, allow us to have a very clear vision of what the future of supply chain should be. We are innovating toward what we call Autonomous Supply Chain, a "self-driving" supply network that will fulfil demand most optimally, by itself, without human intervention. People would set main objective and priorities, Machines would take intermediate planning decisions to keep the business aligned with strategic objectives.

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The main difference between CEL and other firms is the focus on data. By integrating data analytics, data science, modelling & simulation, cloud computing we have brought our domain expertise in Supply Chain to the next level. No consultant BS, no generic recommendations, no unrealistic solutions, we put together the most solid facts, figures, and assumptions to help you decide what's best for your organisation. Over years, we have modelled numerous end-to-end networks, we have transformed numerous supply chains, we have crunched Terabytes of data, we have developed and implemented dozens of custom digital tools for our clients. This cumulated experience allows us to tell what works and how, what doesn't and why. We demystify technological hypes. We don't promise the moon out of fancy tech trends and fluffy concepts. Machine Learning, cloud computing are technology we use because they add value somewhere, not because of it sounds cool. We consider technology when it really adds business value and ROI. Yet we believe that, if used properly, data and technology will change the supply chain game and help reconcile demand and supply dynamically with less and less human interventions. We are a part of this transformation.




Our team is international (8 different nationalities), and composed of a unique blend of competencies.


Consultancy, Project Management, Training, Coaching


Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Production Operations, Distribution, Sourcing


Forecasting, Demand & Supply Planning, Inventory Optimization


Corporate Finance, Trade Finance, Infrastructure Investment


Data Science, Advanced Data Analytics, Geo-analytics, Statistics


Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation


Software development, Cloud computing, Distributed Architecture

We're also very good at fusion cooking, but that's an other story


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