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1-day ‘Special Edition’ Master Class: Designing your enterprise supply chains, from ‘outside-in’Pre: Welcome


Presented By Dr John Gattorna, Global Supply Chain ‘Thought Leader’ And Author


For the last four decades, the conventional method of designing and managing enterprise supply chains has relied almost solely on ‘inside-out’ thinking, ie., grab any concept that comes along, adopt it, and see if it makes any difference to costs and service satisfaction when implemented across the organisation!

At best, this is guessing, and worst it is a complete waste of time and resources, because invariably these internally inspired initiatives are ad hoc and do not connect directly with customers’ expectations, and corresponding buying preferences. And customer perceptions gathered along the way are equally unhelpful because you can’t make major infrastructure decisions on the basis of opinion.

In times of growth, many companies were able to get away with this flawed approach, but in the current turbulent operating environment, there is no such luxury- you must now consciously design your supply chains to ‘align’ with the array of customer buying behaviours identifiable in your served market. If you get it right, cost-to-serve will reduce, customer satisfaction (and therefore revenue) will increase, and consequently so will the margins across your entire product range. It can be done. It is being done by the best global organisations who in turn are following Dr John Gattorna’s prescriptive design approach. You too can benefit in the same way by spending a day with John in HCMC in order to learn how to implement his methodology and in the process, transform your business.



Each person registered on this 1-day ‘Special Edition’ workshop with Dr John Gattorna will be required to do two (2) things before the actual event:

  1. Undertake pre-reading of selected papers, providing backgrounding to the   proprietary ‘dynamic alignment’ methodology; these papers will be sent out in advance.

  2. Collect demand data on a sample of their customers, and bring this to the workshop.  Special instructions will be issued to each attendee at least 1-month prior to the event in order to allow time for data collection.

Note: Each delegate registered for this program will receive a personally signed copy of his latest book, Dynamic Supply Chains: how to design, build and manage people-centric value networks, 3rd edn., FT Publishing, Harlow, 2015.

CEL Dynamic SC MasterClass 2017 Oct 23 V


This program is designed for executives at two levels in the organisation:

  1. SVPs/EVPs/CSCOs should ideally attend to better understand how customers in their served markets can be interrogated for the purpose of adjusting operational strategies, and ultimately undertaking a complete transformation informed by the market;

  2. VPs/GMs/SCMs should attend to learn the precise mechanics of how behavioural segmentation is undertaken, and how the results of this primary in-market research can be converted into supply chain designs that precisely link the company to its customers;  



Attendees will be introduced to the Gattorna proprietary Dynamic Alignment™ framework, which provides the over-arching logic for all interactions between an enterprise and its customers at the front-end, and suppliers at the back-end. This empirical-based framework is an invaluable tool for understanding and responding to customers with more precision than was hitherto thought possible.

At the next level, attendees will be shown how to research their customer base, and how to interpret the results into workable operational strategies that reflect reality.

The teaching method will be very interactive, and attendees own companies will provide the case studies for learning the new techniques mentioned above.



Executive Chairman, Gattorna Alignment

John Gattorna is an acknowledged “thought leader” on the global supply chain scene. For over three decades he has researched, consulted, and been a key voice in shifting logistics and supply chain onto the strategic agenda. He established and led Accenture’s Asian supply chain practice, and has since focused on advising boards and senior management on how to improve the “alignment” of their enterprise with customers, suppliers, and third party providers. John’s books, including the most recent Dynamic Supply Chains  how to design, build and manage people-centric value networks(2015), have received wide acclaim and have influenced the value chain strategy of major corporations including DHL, Dell, Unilever and Schneider Electric.



“The articulated dynamic supply chains are a critical component of every business and corporate strategy”.

Yoram (Jerry) Wind, The Lauder Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvannia, USA.


Gattorna’s research is sound, his conclusions are spot-on, and the resulting model for achieving dynamic alignment is very powerful”.

Ron Woodward, Manufacturing, Engineering and Global Operations Director, Strategic Change and Risk Management, Dow Corning Corporation, USA.


“John Gattorna tangibly validates why he is considered one of the global thought leaders in supply chain management”.

Paul W. I. Bradley, Chairman and CEO, Caprica International, Singapore.


“I’m convinced that [John’s] segmentation model is a must for every manager to understand and build solid business models for each venture in the market”.

Vicente Moliterno, Managing Director, Staroup S.A., Brazil.


Some of Companies in Asia who have benefited from this MasterClass include: Reckitt Benckiser 4, PPG Industries, SCA, Epcos, Linde, Bohler, Omron, Rexnord, Wrigley, Tetra Pak, ArvinMeritor, Esab, Rio Tinto, China Mobile, Qualcomm, LG, Wacker, Unilever, Tenneco, Siemens, Mars, PepsiCo, DSM, Almatis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bunge, Gemalto, Lucite, Metso Minerals, Philips, Estee Lauder and BlueScope Steel.


1-day ‘Special Edition’ Master Class: Designing your enterprise supply chains, from ‘outside-in’Pre: Event
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