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SFO is a tool that helps you to maximize the profit generated from your global, regional or domestic supply chain. It tells you the most profitable way to serve the demand of your markets with the production or logistic capacity available. SFO answers a simple question: which production unit (or supplier) should serve which market, through which Hub, to keep cost as low as possible and prioritize those markets & products generating higher margins? SFO also offers the possibility to Optimize and Simulate:

  • Inventory and related Working Capital

  • CO2 footprint

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The approach involves  defining the optimal connections and transfer volumes between the supply and demand points that compose your network. The data granularity is set to support accurate Strategic and Tactical decisions while remaining relatively limited to support quick changes of your assumptions. SIMCEL RNO finds the optimal configuration for maximum profit but also supports simulating various alternative demand / supply scenarios. You are able to set model constraints, prevent specific connections, adjust tax rates following new FTAs, try out various cost hypotheses, increase sales for designated markets, simulate the effect of an extra production facility (i.e. contract manufacturer), evaluate different hub locations alternatives, support supplier selection, define logistic outsourcing strategy, assess the impact of a major disruption and find mitigation approaches, etc.



SFO has been designed to be straightforward, easy to use and fast.

  • Interactive dashboards, smart tables, quick input changes, and dynamic maps on the front end provide users multiple perspectives in an intuitive & playful way. 

  • Powerful optimization engine and computation power in the back end provide answers in seconds and allow an iterative approach to complex problems.

All this provides users the ability to plan and respond quickly to regulation, demand or supply changes. It also helps to compute business cases effortlessly with its scenario generation and comparison features.




The tool has been crafted through decades of expertise in the supply chain and integrates the latest technologies available to offer users precision, speed and ease of use.

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Optimization algorithm to minimize cost-to-serve, inventory, service level, shipment file rate, scrap and obsolescence, delivery routing, asset utilization, carbon footprint and so on


ML algorithm for customer segmentation, vehicle video recognition, fleet tracking, data cleansing, demand prediction and seasonality monitoring


Network Simulation Engine dedicated to complex systems and heavy data load. Designed to reduce computing time. Live scenario experiments



Web based analytics with benchmark data, interactive display, data mining and simulation capabilities


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