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It Is Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been

A career at CEL - whether you are a young graduate or an experienced professional – provides a gateway into immense learning and development opportunities. First, CEL is a firm that delivers quantifiable value to our clients. Our typical ROI is >10 the first year. We do that by deep-diving into facts, not cutting corners; by listening and understanding perceptions, not forcing ideas inside-out; by proving a point with facts and rational thinking and not expressing empty statements that just sound good; by being practical and connected to reality and not just nicely packaged. CEL is a place where we value personal initiatives and recognise collective successes. Everyone has a voice, every idea is worth listening to, every perspective is heard and considered, regardless of your level in the organisation. 

CEL is a place where we travel, discovering the world through the supply chains of different countries, of different companies, in different times. We promote cultural exchange as a way to better understand others and self. CEL is particularly a place where we challenge things that are taken for granted, where we continuously seek  a better answer, better ways. It's a place where we innovate toward a clear vision of the future. A global vision that breaks down into smaller incremental steps, a dream that connects to the reality of billions of people: we want to contribute to more effective and fair value chains, where wastes are tracked down and eliminated, where everyone in the chain gets a fair share of the value created along with the full responsibility of the impact generated. This is the CEL way. If it rings a bell, then you may have a role to play with us!


Continuous Learning

CEL works with multiple companies in multiple sectors over 4 different continents. Every single engagement is an opportunity to learn something new, to enhance our value add to clients, to refine our services, and to challenge the status quo. Improving a supply chain in Brazil, elaborating a strategy in New Zealand, implementing digital solutions in Asia Pacific, studying the agro chain in the Philippines... are the type of variety you'll have access to. Every day, every project is new and offers incomparable learnings about how supply chains work and how they don't, about how businesses perform and how they don't, about how leaders lead and how they don't. The more we know, the more humble we are.

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Supply Chain And Beyond

CEL specializes in Supply Chain, but we hire people from a wide range of fields of expertise. We believe Supply Chain to be the heart of the modern economy, thus it also needs  to be addressed from different angles to operate effectively. Supply Chain without Data is blind, Supply Chain without Finance is disconnected, Supply Chain without Sales & Marketing is orphaned, Supply Chain without Cloud Computing is unsynchronised, Supply Chain without Strategy is doomed to fail... CEL is composed of people from  different backgrounds: engineering, business, computer science, data science, economics, forecasting, cloud architecture, logistics... Everyone ultimately  gains the base knowledge in Supply Chain and contributes to the greater picture: making the physical, economical and information flows work effectively, with minimum waste.


Not The Best, The Only One

CEL has been created and developed around its clients. Nothing is more valuable to us. That being said, we don't claim being the best. We affirm our uniqueness, the fact that no other company does what we do the way we do it. We envision the future and take risks, we try fast, fail fast and retry. We test new technology applications, we trail what works in certain contexts in different ones, we challenge our own practices & tools and continuously improve the way we deliver value. We always seek feedback to integrate clients', employees', and other stakeholders' perspectives and perceptions in our next development efforts. We don't fit people into boxes, we adapt the roles around new talents and capabilities as long as the value-add comes first. That's how we build uniqueness, that's how we differentiate.

Empowered & Trusted

Back at the beginning of the CEL story, we were a handful of people trying out different models, different ways to add value, different approaches to building a team. Over time, empowerment came out to be the best way to grow the company, to build new things, to automate what's boring, to develop new products, to be valued by our clients, to make a difference. But working with a multi-nationality, multi-expertise, multi-level team is a challenge. Not all personalities work well together, and we trust each other to recognise the situation where ego gets in the way. Not everyone articulates his/her ideas clearly, and we trust each other to actively seek for clarification and alignment, beyond the communication hurdles. But we do it with empathy and care. We do this to get better together, as we know it will make us better individuals too. Empowerment is a combination of trust and responsibility. It also goes along with a clear vision of what "good looks like'' and of where we are heading towards.


Technology At Heart

In technology, we believe. We see tech as a tool, as a means to an end, beyond the hypes and name-dropping. Since 2008 we have developed custom software, dashboards, algorithms, models, online tools, cloud services for dozens of companies. We failed, we succeeded, and we learned and developed a particular know-how about B2B applications. We don't sell technology, we sell services designed by brilliant people and delivered through a fine technology stack. We focus our efforts on high-value tech services, i.e. the tech that helps decision-making, that helps to initiate big changes. Why? Because it's much more interesting than transaction-based technology applications. From an intellectual standpoint as well as from an impact perspective. Decisions tech forces you to understand a context not just a process, to conceptualise not just execute, to find the right trade-offs not just the easiest option, to favour "outside-in" over "one-fit-all". Decision-support tech in business also invites you to explore the future: what is likely to happen, what could happen and how to prepare for it. We integrate the most advanced predictive & prescriptive tech-stack to make the right information accessible to normal people, so they can decide and plan. We help them create more value tomorrow and beyond (with some cool stuff going on in the back end!).

Finally, Technology is a fun way to build new things with bright people from all over the world, a great playground to learn how to communicate, and a fantastic platform to imagine the future and build it from there.

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