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So you want to take your chance? We're glad and honored you consider CEL as your next career step. As you might guess, we are pretty selective and assess candidates from many different angles before make job offers. We're not looking for the best candidates, we're looking for the right one, we're looking for a great match. It's not only about hard technical skills, it also about personality, attitude, motivation and vision. Depending on the role you are after, you'll go through a series of tests and interviews. Along the way you will further discover about CEL, about what we do, about where we're going and about who we need in our team.

But before we engage you in the process, we'll have to shortlist your application based on your CV and submission. Please make sure your application is properly documented so you don't miss the opportunity. Note also that we receive quite a lot of application. We will only contact back the candidates that have been shortlisted to move forward in the process. But if you have any doubt or question along the way, please contact us at Best luck and looking forward to working with you!


The CEL Team

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