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Green Metrix is a Supply Chain GHG Emissions Monitoring Solution. Green Metrix powered by CEL Consulting, based on GHG Protocol and GLEC Framework, consolidates companies’ supply chain data and computes the accurate and granular measures of CO2 emissions. Results are displayed in Comprehensive GHG Online Dashboard and can be used to automate report generation. Additionally, custom models can also be developed to monitor the full supply chain footprint over time in any type of industries.


Why measure your carbon footprint?

Close to 60% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from supply chain activities. However, the vast majority of companies still do not measure their footprint and consequently still cannot act on it.

  • Shareholders are increasingly expecting companies to disclose their carbon emissions, so they can understand their impact on the environment and human health and act on it.

  • More and more companies are voluntarily reporting their emissions and setting reduction targets. Nowadays, more than 2,500 companies that account for 56% of global market capitalization, are already reporting their carbon emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

  • In the near future, regulatory reporting requirements and carbon taxes can become a reality, hindering the performance of companies that still do not monitor their emissions.

  • In addition, as consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability being transparent on environmental footprint adds brand value and brings a competitive advantage to businesses. Moreover, actions towards emission reduction can also represent cost savings, for example by installing energy efficient lighting, reducing manufacturing waste, and shifting to more efficient modes of transport.


How Green Metrix works

Green Metrix uses supply chain data to model and report your company’s emissions. Green Metrix can handle different sources of data (e.g. excel, ERP, WMS, TMS, big data, public data...). Thanks to simple or more advanced integration to your systems, Green Metrix continuously feeds its algorithms with transactional data. Measures are computed on the go and are rendered into an advanced online dashboard.


High level dashboards include:

  • Absolute emissions value (tCO2e);

  • Emissions intensity (e.g. tCO2e/$ revenue, tCO2e/ton…);

  • Reduction targets;

  • Total fuel and electricity consumption.

Granular insights by:

  • Time period: Year, Month, Day

  • Site: customer, factory, warehouse, supplier

  • Product: SKU, Product Family

  • Location: country, zone, city, region


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