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Technology will make things possible; talent will make them happen.




At CEL, we believe learning can be available to everyone, everywhere with minimum barriers to entry. To support this belief, we offer a wide range of interactive Supply Chain Training Programs and Certifications customised to fit with emerging markets for  both corporates and professionals. We organise Competitions involving real life supply chain cases to help find and prepare talent for the future supply chains, and host Supply Chain Events for companies and individuals to learn, share and network.



Competition is becoming less between individual companies, and more between the supply chains they are part of. The COVID-19 pandemic is the latest in a series of unexpected disruptions to strain supply chains. In response, companies are looking to automation and digital capabilities to build resilience and agility. However, as futurists have said: Technology will make things possible; talent will make them happen. Employee skill sets across the supply chains need to be evaluated with plans to develop in-house mastery and drive adoption of new enabling technologies. Failing to manage your company’s talent needs is the equivalent of failing to manage your supply chain.



Are you and your company prepared for a supply chain talent crisis? The supply chain management profession is facing a talent crisis that threatens organizations' current and future ability to create the value required to satisfy customers. This talent shortage is being fueled by the impending retirements of huge numbers of "baby boomers," the expansion of global supply chain requirements, and the cumulative effect of years of head-count reductions, all leading to a shortage of employees with the skill sets and knowledge needed to keep companies on the leading edge of supply chain competitiveness.

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