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Trust at all costs, value by all means 

For the last 16 years, we have worked with hundred of companies in multiple sectors of industry. We have delivered value all over the world, from Vietnam to Brazil, from Australia to Nigeria, from Indonesia to Chile, from India to New Zealand. And along the adventure, we capitalised expertise, know-how, industry knowledge, stories, tips & tricks and we developed a fine understanding of what works and what doesn't in specific contexts.

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We are proud of what we are and excited about what we'll become as a company. But our clients are the only reason we do what we do. We have learned so much from each of them over the last 16 years: the questions they've asked, the challenges they've faced, the decisions they've made, the expectations they've had... Our clients have fuelled CEL innovation culture, they have made us become more relevant, more practical, more value-focus, and more empathetic too. We are thankful for the trust they put in us and are committed to deliver always more value and lead the way toward Autonomous Supply Chain. Trust at all costs, value by all means. Today and Tomorrow. - Julien Brun, Managing Partner, CEL


Logistics & Transport
Building Material
Consumer Goods
Institutions & Investment
Agro Industry
Textile / Garment
Retail & E-commerce

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CEL team has a strong expertise in logistics and in industrial projects set up. They have capability to streamline supply chain systems for efficiency with a pro-active, structured yet flexible approach. They have provided extensive field insight, have accessed infrastructure master plans, and established solid connections with local authorities and service providers. CEL helps us to understand and master our current and future supply chain challenges, which is greatly contributing to Lafarge development in Vietnam and Indonesia. - CEO, LafargeHolcim Vietnam




A Large F&B Manufacturer


Our Client is one of the major players in the APAC Food & Beverage market. A complex and capillary distribution network allowed to reach Its leadership position in the domestic market. A very competitive market has been eroding the business profitability and its internal complexity became an obstacle to find efficiency opportunities to revert the situation.

A Multinational Dairy Company


Our Client is a profitable business with strong brand recognition and holding a leading position in the South America Food & Beverage market. However, its Supply Chain struggles to meet customer demanding Service Level Agreements while keeping operational costs under control.

With little room for market growth, increasing service level is key to increase business profitability and consolidate customer loyalty.

Sports Shoes


A Sportswear Manufacturer And Retailer


Starsport is a major European sport equipment and apparel retailer. The company sources most of its shoes and garment from South-East Asia and particularly from Vietnam. After having received containers in Europe with an excessive amount of defective shoes, Starsport urged its Vietnam Procurement office to take immediate and long-term actions to ensure the quality of the products shipped from Vietnam suppliers.


A Building Material Global Leader

Cemindo Co. is one of the world leaders in cement manufacturing but still a challenger in the Indonesian market. Cemindo Co. first wants to secure its current position in northern Sumatra market, and then to develop a strategy to be competitive in other Indonesian provinces. Logistics being major in the cement cost structure, Cemindo Co. decided to launch a detailed logistic benchmark over Indonesian competition and assess the current and potential strategic position. CEL, being a long-time partner of Cemindo Co. regarding logistics in the region, we were asked to support their strategy development in Indonesia.

Stones with cement

A Leading Cement Producer


Our Client is one of the largest building material companies in the world. Headquartered in Europe, the Client has a significant presence in Indonesia. In an effort to increase its competitiveness, our Client enlisted the help of CEL to identify ways to increase their market share while maintaining a reasonable level of profitability. CEL joined with the Client to support this initiative and lead a supply chain and operations improvement project aimed at reducing distribution cost and increasing product availability. How can we increase our competitiveness by reducing distribution cost while increasing product availability?


An Express Delivery Company

ExpressLog Co., with 27% growth per year, has to build enough capacity to allow its operations to absorb sales potentials while maintaining a high service level. The Country Manager explained that he has been making extensive sales & marketing efforts and they were paying out. The company was on a good way to double revenue objectives and he could not accept his operation center to be a bottleneck toward sales. He wanted a new operation center with international equipment, standard processes well implemented and running fast. The substantial investment (facilities, equipment) related to the project would need a quick return. Besides, he was willing to give the operations team a better sense of efficiency by establishing a 20% productivity increase in the next 4 months.



An Animal Feed Domestic Leader


AnimalFeed Co. was experiencing supply chain issues limiting their growth and losing competitiveness in a highly competitive market. After a short diagnosis, it appeared that the company was suffering from unreliable deliveries, high inventory, increasing and uncontrolled cost. The company has had a strong position in the livestock market in Vietnam for many years, with a well-established brand and reputation. The CEO of AnimalFeed Co. asked CEL to help identify cost-saving opportunities and improve supply chain performance in collaboration with his management team.

A Global Biofuel Manufacturer And Trader


GreenElec is a European green energy producer which mostly generate electricity with biomass fuel. Vietnam was identified as a great source of biomass fuel because of the high density of wood processing factories in Binh Duong province. Once the decision made to build a wood pellet plant in Vietnam, many supply chain related question followed: Which suppliers to source from? Where the factory should be located? Which transport mode and storage facility should be used? Which road, river and seaport infrastructure would be able to handle the flow? Which logistic service provider should be used?GreenElec first priority was to set up the most reliable supply chain to avoid any shortage on the Dutch power plant side. GreenElec asked CEL to help to identify the ideal location for the plant and to design and implement the inbound and outbound logistic system, taking into account Vietnam infrastructure constraints and development plans.



A Bio-fuel Manufacturer


Our client is one of the leading energy companies in the Netherlands. Specializing in generating power using renewable resources, our client excels in the production and transmission of gas, electricity, heat and related services. Our client is embarking on a challenging project establishing a wood pellets plant in Southern Vietnam with the capacity to produce nearly 150,000 tons of pellets per annum, supplying a power plant in Europe. Logistics being so critical to the success of this business venture, our client requested the support of CEL to design the entire supply chain in Vietnam. What is the ideal Supply Chain structure and the critical elements to support cost-efficient and reliable logistic operations?


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