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AnimalFeed Co. was experiencing supply chain issues limiting their growth and losing competitiveness in a highly competitive market. After a short diagnosis, it appeared that the company was suffering from unreliable deliveries, high inventory, increasing and uncontrolled cost. The company has had a strong position in the livestock market in Vietnam for many years, with a well-established brand and reputation. The CEO of AnimalFeed Co. asked CEL to help identify cost-saving opportunities and improve supply chain performance in collaboration with his management team.



”Cost Structure & Flow Analysis”

At first, CEL analyzed cost structure that could highlight priorities and potential savings. Then CEL analyzed in/out logistics flow and identified disconnects and incoherence in the Supply Chain. Numerous elements were redundant or not in-sync. Improvement recommendations were made to maximize performance while having a significant cost reduction impact.



“1.2M$ savings & improved performance”

The cost savings were estimated at 1.2M$ along with 20% inventory reduction. In addition to delivering expect results, the CEO particularly appreciated our pragmatic consulting style as

  • We initiated a cross-functional collaboration.

  • We brought a supply chain vision and a “big picture” understanding of the company situation.

  • We provided follow up, project guidelines, coaching.


Supply Chain & Operations In Emerging Markets

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