Starsport is a major European sport equipment and apparel retailer. The company sources most of its shoes and garment from South-East Asia and particularly from Vietnam. After having received containers in Europe with an excessive amount of defective shoes, Starsport urged its Vietnam Procurement office to take immediate and long-term actions to ensure the quality of the products shipped from Vietnam suppliers.



CEL proposed to Starsport a project to both tackle urgent quality problems and initiate total quality management to get sustainable results:

1. Secure the shipment: stop shipping defective

shoes (QC).

2. Develop Quality autonomy: implement a quality

management system (QA).

Secure the shipment:

  • Reinforce the inspection process

  • Strengthen quality controls

  • Review production workflow

Develop Quality autonomy:

  • Train QA & QC staff

  • Develop formal communication between functions/ with customer

  • Design & implement a quality management system



Overall quality improvement + 26%


Supply Chain & Operations In Emerging Markets

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