Best Practice in Logistic & Distribution Management

Course Length: 02 days
Language: English


Logistic is the key role in locating products close to customers. The right selection of warehouses, distribution, channel partners, number of stock in each location will impact on our service level to consumers. Therefore it requires the method and tools to:

• Design distribution network

• Decide number of stock on each distribution location

• Decide when and how many to stock in each location by using DRP (distribution requirement planning)

• Design and manage warehousing

This training will provide a complete tool and skill set for you in logistic and distribution.

Who should attend

This training has many benefits for those who involve in logistic and distribution activities. This program is also good for those who are interested in increasing knowledge in warehousing, distribution and logistic.

Training outline

• Definition of logistic, as intermediaries to distribute products

• Design distribution network, channel configuration, how to map distribution network based on segment, channel position, how to select location of distribution, manage conflict in channel

• Case study: Applying the method “center of gravity” in selecting location of distributors

• Tool to replenish stock distribution network: differences between pull and push system, hybrid (DRP), mechanism to use DRP

• Case study: Calculating the process of DRP for distribution location

• Planning warehouse and transportation capacity in distribution network

• Case study: Calculate transportation & warehouse cost in distribution network

• Warehouses: functions & types

• Warehouse Design & Layout: sizes, warehouse cost calculation based on forecasting the demand of products

• Standard layout Warehouse

• Case study: Calculate size of warehouse space and cost based on forecast demand

Training Methodologies

Interactive discussions, presentations, concept introduction, examples and exercises

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