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CEL SCM Evening Talk Series

So What Is The Problems?

Speaker: Chaim Silberstein, BA, MBA, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP, SCOR-P, CLTD, JONAH, OAS.


Regardless of size and industry, most companies in recent years are facing significant business challenges including shrinking profit margins, reduced customer loyalty, growing global competition, shrinking product life cycles and increased supply chain complexity. These factors result in business growth that is below plan and have created new challenges for supply chain managers. They altered the global competitive environment into one of high uncertainty and risk.
Sales and Operations Planning S&OP is enjoying an unprecedented ‘spring’ period in the last few year as companies are adopting this process as one of the key strategies in response to an increasingly complex business climate. 
However, research shows that 40% of businesses do not have a formal S&OP process. Where the process exists, more than half of SCM managers conceded that there are staggering gaps in stakeholder’s participation or involvement: no regular participation of either manufacturing, finance or marketing, in short most attempts to implement S&OP fail.


In this interactive presentation participants:
• Will learn key factors preventing the successful implementation of this critical process.
• Will be provided with an S&OP implementation road map. 
• Will be exposed to key success factors to ensure S&OP success.
CEL Consulting
Supply Chain & Operations in Emerging Markets



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