CEL has partnered with some of the most innovative solution providers in cold chain logistics. Refrigerated transport has been the reference until now, yet it is subjected to breakage in the cold chain and its cost remains high.
With over 15 years of experience in cold chain for Distribution & Retail industry, we help our clients to design alternative solutions that offer a more stable temperature control along the chain while being up to 40% most cost-effective than with a traditional chilled truck.


  • Handling need definition 

  • Function Analysis 

  • Alternative concept design 

  • Alternative evaluation and 

  • Presentation & validation of 
concept design to key stakeholders 


  • Initial specification drafting & prototype design 
Specs adjustments from prototype & pilot feedback 

  • Costing estimate (may vary for final version)


  • Sample making and supervision (Thailand) 

  • Prototype review 

  • Functional testing of prototype 

  • Beta test version Design 

  • Final version costs refined 

  • Updated technical specifications


  • Manufacture of beta test units 

  • Pilot plan & success criteria definition 

  • Mobilization of the pilot team 

  • Pilot and Beta test (Beta tests not 
only test the product characteristics 
but the operational activities) 

  • Confirm final product design 

  • Final technical specifications


  • Manufacture an operational set of covers 

  • Process & Procedures Documentation drafting 

  • Training & Supervision

  • Implementation

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