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CSCP - Linh Le Thi Thuy

Talk about your career/ your job?
I am currently working as a shipping station supervisor at Honc Plant, Holcim Vietnam Ltd. I’m in charge of both inbound and outbound activities at Honc Plant.

Why did you decide to pursue the APICS CSCP certification?
When attending CSCP, my goal is to reinforce my knowledge about supply chain. Supply chain refers to a wide range of functional areas. I would like to learn more abour other aspects and functions of supply chain.

What was your biggest takeaway from APICS CSCP training?
The biggest advantage of this course is that my knowledge about supply chain is enhanced very much.Taking CSCP gave me an overview of other industries in a supply chain. Actually, before attending CSCP, when I think about supply chain management, manufacturing industry is the first thing to come to my mind. After CSCP, I realize that supply chain involves many industries. Each of these plays an important role in the supply chain operation. Besides this, I also have chance to meet and study with other professionals in supply chain management. We build up connections and share our knowledge and experience with each other.

Have you implemented a supply chain initiative at your organization as a result of your APICS CSCP training?
Actually, our company applies a lot of things I learned from the APICS course such as: Strategy Planing, Tactical Planning, S&OP, forecast model in raw material planning. Most of the ERP systems used in our company are the same as the content in CSCP course.

What are other benefits of APICS certification?
I also would like to become a trainer in the future. APICS certification helps me to be more confident in developing my career as a trainer. When attending the class, I not only gained knowledge about supply chain but also observed the method of teaching of the teacher from APICS. Thanks to this, I figure out some ways to convey complicated supply chain concepts effectively to the students.

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