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CSCP Module 1

Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

This module addresses the fundamental concepts used for effective SCM and will provide the foundation for the APICS CSCP exam. It includes an overview of SCM concepts and the need to align resources with the strategy of the organization. Management and improvement of the supply chain are then addressed.

  • Broad concepts of supply chain management, including primary processes, objectives, integration methods and benefits

  • Alignment of supply chain and business strategies

  • Key considerations for supply chain design and continuous improvement

  • Key measures for planning and controlling inventories

  • Fundamentals of logistics in supply chain management

  • Identifying and managing market segments

  • Demand forecasting and management techniques

  • Keys to effective CRM

  • Core concepts of supply management


Section A: Develop the Supply Chain Strategy

Chapter 1: Inputs to Supply Chain Strategy

Topic 1: Business Model

Topic 2: External Inputs to Supply Chain Strategy


Chapter 2: Supply Chains and Supply Chain Strategy

Topic 1: Supply Chains and Supply Chain Management

Topic 2: Benefits of Strategic Supply Chain Management

Topic 3: Supply Chain Strategy: Value Proposition

Topic 4: Supply Chain Strategy: Core Capabilities

Topic 5: Supply Chain Strategy: Cost Structure and Revenue Model

Topic 6: Supply Chain Maturity


Chapter 3: Resolving Misalignments or Gaps

Topic 1: Reasons Misalignments or Gaps Occur

Topic 2: Recognizing Misalignments or Gaps

Topic 3: Resolving Misalignments or Gaps


Chapter 4: Tools and Techniques

Topic 1: Macro and Micro Economic Considerations

Topic 2: Accounting and Financial Reporting Information

Topic 3: Strategic Analysis Tools


Section B: Design the Supply Chain

Chapter 1: Business Considerations

Topic 1: Market, Financial, and Product Research and Modeling

Topic 2: Reverse and Specialized Supply Chains

Topic 3: Collaboration with Supply Chain Partners


Chapter 2: Supply Chain Design

Topic 1: Supply Chain Design and Configuration

Topic 2: Inventory, Technology, and Metrics Design

Topic 3: Fulfillment Strategies Considering Market Requirements

Topic 4: Product Design for New Products or Requirements

Topic 5: Supply Chain Network Optimization


Chapter 3: Technology Design

Topic 1: Information Technology and Supply Chain Management

Topic 2: Electronic Business Considerations

Topic 3: Key Technology Applications

Topic 4: Data Acquisition and Management


Chapter 4: Implementation Tools: Communications and Projects

Topic 1: Communication Considerations

Topic 2: Project Management Considerations

Topic 3: Project Management Process Groups

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