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CEL SCM Evening Talk


Event Language: English


The Demand Manager role is being acknowledged as one of the critical success factors for those organisations who are embracing an integrated business management approach such as a Sales & Operations Planning journey. A Demand Manager is needed to coordinate and manage the forecasting team to maintain the process. The Demand Management role benefits from a broad skill set to achieve organisational & personal success:

  • Good numeracy skills to recognise and interpret both history and forecasts.

  • Intermediate to advanced PC & spread sheeting literacy to operate demand software.

  • Effective communication skills to present & discuss forecasting information with product and business managers and for senior management review.

  • Academic background may include studies in Marketing, Strategic Planning, Business Management, Statistics, or Supply Chain management to provide the appropriate theoretical knowledge.


Performance in the role is enhanced with experience from within the organisation is a valuable asset for any Demand Manager — knowledge of the product range and ‘product position’ in the market together with appreciation for the formal and informal operational structure of the organisation facilitate credibility and quality communication...


Mr. Fausty David


Come & Join to learn about the pros & cons of this trendy role in Supply Chains.

Limited seats.
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SCM Evening Talk - Demand Management: Event
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