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Demand Planning & Forecasting: News


Course Length: 02 days
Language: English



This two-day demand planning course covers the fundamentals of demand management and planning, the flow of process and challenges. We also touch briefly on the evolution of the demand planning function and job scope as well. We will cover recent case studies and situational analysis in this workshop. The facilitator will explain some of the challenges faced in the industry, some of the practices manufacturing companies are engaging today. Initially providing a broader industry view of demand management techniques and critical drivers and then aiming to help your realization of where the gaps are in your business processes, tools, and what to do about them when you get back to your daily life. These are practical, concepts applied from real-life experience.



• Introduction to Demand Planning: Setting the Scenes and challenges

• Why do we forecast? Let’s review the impact and relationships – Case study, Activity based

• Forecasting process versus the order management – Group Discussion: What are the challenges?

• How do we ensure forecasts are reliable? Case study – Understanding Accountability

• What do we do with these forecasts?

• How does the process link with inventory and supply output for a manufacturing facility?

• What other parameters in manufacturing are critical to the demand process?

• How do we drive to meet the targets? Scenario Building and Tools – Activity to design in some questions

• Where will we have gaps in capabilities tomorrow? Group Discussion: Future Skills


• Newly joined demand planners / supervisors

• Experienced demand planners / managers looking for an update on best practices

• Professionals investigating demand planning as a possible career move


For further information and registration, please email us at

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