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This interactive course covers the topics of understanding and controlling demand; the keys to demand management; the demand planning process and management of assumptions; the impact of the extended supply chain and the vital activity of demand control to bring order into near term activity. It particularly describes the business process of demand management as a critical element of the Integrated Business Management process. There will be frequent breakout sessions so that participants can consider the gap between the current HUFC process and potential improvements.



  • Demand Planning team

  • Supply Chain team

  • Marketing team

  • Sales team

  • Demand Review Task Team members


1. Introduction

  • Overview of the IBP process and the context for the Demand Review

  • Value Propositions and Disciplines

  • Concept of Value Adding in a process

2. Changing Paradigms

  • Planning and Scheduling Processes - Monthly Cycle

  • Forecasting – approaches and issues

  • The difference between a forecast and a plan

  • The Demand Review Cycle

  • Time Fences

  • Ten Keys of Demand Management

3. Integration and Accountability

  • Integrated Business Management means ‘One Set of Numbers’

  • Unconstrained Demand must be understood and visible

  • Accountability and responsibility established with Sales and Marketing

4. The Demand Planning Process

  • Demand Planning needs a process with formal inputs

  • Management of changes to Assumptions and integration with Sales and Marketing plans

5. Supply Chain and ‘What’ to Forecast

  • Know your customer and your customers’ customers - unless you manage the supply chain you will always have inaccurate forecasts

  • Establish the optimum ‘level’ at which to forecast e.g. Family, Item

6. Demand Control

  • The Demand Control process is an essential part of Demand Management

  • The concept of Available to Promise

  • Forecast Consumption and Rollover

  • Abnormal Demand

  • Roles of Demand Manager, Planner, Controller

7. Measuring and Managing Inaccuracy

  • Measurement is an essential part of understanding and improving

  • The inaccuracy must be understood and managed for service

8. Sales Forecasting & Action Planning





Registration & full payment 4 weeks before the class starts.

For in-house training of this course, please email us for further discussion.

For further information and registration, please email to us at

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