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Global Student Challenge - Are you ready for the Final?

The Global Rounds have ended and proved to be very exciting. The competition was fierce as during each round the top spots were occupied by different teams and the scores were remarkable! Now, the battle in the Global Rounds to reach the Top 20 has ended and the final scores have been calculated. We want to congratulate all the teams for their efforts and for getting this far in the Challenge! 


The top 15 countries were selected based on the score of the best performing team of each country. Each team was judged on a number of criteria of which the weighted Return on Investment (ROI) was one of the most important ones but not the only criteria. The three top performers were: ISB Rookies from Indian School of Business (India), RUSH from Foreign Trade University Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and The Glaswegians from University of Glasgow (UK). Additionally, 7 instead of 5 coveted wildcards were awarded, since the choice was hard due to high performance of the teams. A complete list of the top 22, who will be representing not only their university, but also their country, can be found below.


The 22 teams that have made it to the Finals are now preparing for their travels. They will come together in the Netherlands to compete in three more rounds of The Cool Connection. This exciting event is organized by Windesheim University for Applied Sciences in Zwolle, frontrunner in the field of research on the topic of Supply Chain Finance. We would like to thank the organizations that have made the Global Student Challenge possible, providing sponsorship and/or internships (in alphabeticalorder): Dinalog, Heineken, KennisDC Logistiek, Philips, Unilever and Windesheim.


The Global Student Challenge Arena was also a great success. For the Photo Contest the teams uploaded very fun and creative photos and competed for great prizes: a Teach-the-Teacher online training course for the teachers, e-learning packages and a special training webinar on The Cool Connection for the students. The winners were able to collect their e-learning at the Supply Chain Finance Academy (SCFA). The Academy is the new Knowledge Centre of the Supply Chain Finance Community, where publications and interesting e-learning modules concerning Supply Chain Finance can be found.


Congratulations to all the teams that have made it to the Finals! For those who did not make it to the Finals and are not done competing yet, the TFC APICS Global Student Challenge is open for registration!


We hope to see everyone there!

This event has taken place. If you are interested in this event topic, please contact us at so that we can inform you as soon as the next session is scheduled.

Global Student Challenge - Are you ready for the Final?: Event
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