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INO Bulk Warehouse Management System


The INO solution is developed with a focus on bulk storage with the purpose of enhancing control to increase the efficiencies in bulk warehouse management by providing real-time visibility into equipment and inventories.



INO Bulk Warehouse Management offers companies a competitive advantage when dealing with today’s volatile markets. Significant gains in operational efficiency are always achieved once INO Bulk Warehouse Management Solution. An operational cost reduction of up to 35% can be expected.


INO Benefits

1. Optimization

Enhance warehouse utilization by providing real-time visibility in warehouse usage. 5% - 25% warehouse utilization

Reduce the operational Lead times by monitoring inefficiencies (non-value added activities) and visualization. 30% - 50% lead-time reduction.

2. Control

Ensure the data consistency and quality by using one source of information to manage warehouse operations. 80% of data accuracy.

Having visibility from which the orders are prioritized and help to prevent noncompliance before it occurs. 30% order fulfilment compliance.


For Demo and further information:

INO Bulk Warehouse Management Solution

+84 (28) 22 494 241



Supply Chain & Operations In Emerging Markets

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