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Introduction to Supply Chain Management and Beer Game




Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Basics of Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing Strategy & Process Choices

Introduction to Manufacturing Planning & Control

Role of Logistics in Supply Chain Management

Logistics Fundamentals



The trade-off between logistics cost & customer service


Distribution Network design considerations

Distribution Replenishment Planning

Inventory Management

Collaborating with Internal & External Supply Chain Partners

Continuous Improvement

CI Philosophies

CI Tools

Supply Chain Management Trends

New SCM Strategies & Technologies


BEER GAME (0.5 days)


Supply chain team to experience & understand the systemic issues that are typical in any supply chain & apply the learning from the game to improve their supply chain effectiveness.


The Beer Game is a role-play simulation game that lets participants experience typical coordination problems of Supply Chain. The original version of the game was developed at MIT (USA) in the 1960s and has since been played by thousands of managers, all over the world.

Beer Game was designed to capture many of the challenges in supporting dynamic supply chain practices. The aim of the game is to meet customer demand for cases of Beer through the distribution side of a multi-stage supply chain with minimal expenditure on back orders and inventory. The game challenges the participants to balance supply and demand, address the human factors that are vital to the supply chain, account for the bullwhip effect, enhance communications, and meet the complexities of forecasting demand.

It is a fun way to learn how complex and difficult the supply chain can be. Join Beer Game - Integrate supply chain management and customer relationship management functions to maximize your operations.


For further information and registration, please email to us at



Registration & full payment 1 weeks before the class starts.

For in-house training of this course, please email us for further discussion.

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