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Support to your immediate supply chain needs

Economic slowdown is now spreading as fast as the virus itself. Global economic hit from coronavirus will be felt ‘for a long time to come’, as OECD warned. 

Yet we have a very short-term visibility on what’s going to happen. More than ever we need flexibility, agility, responsiveness.

CEL adapts and proposes to companies the ability to get specific and flexible support from our team on matters around crisis management and supply chain optimization.


On-Demand Consulting consists in remote, practical engagements to support you and your team with:

  • Expertise to help you evaluate scenarios, structure your responses to current challenges

  • Qualified resource to help you on your daily planning, analytics, market insight needs 

  • Project Management to help you implement and make things happen


Typically, our clients choose On-Demand Consulting as their team is already working hard, but need guidance to find solutions to complex supply chain or business problems. Companies lacking visibility on what’s really going on ask CEL for data analytics support and provide managers and directors with solid facts and figures to support tough decisions. Finally the CEL team also helps with coordination and leadership to help people get the job done while working from home.


Add expertise and horsepower to your team during these disrupted times, initiate transformation and prepare for recovery. Adjusted to your current needs and budget.


Get in touch and we’ll do the rest.

Hotline: +84903 620 472 or 



Supply Chain & Operations In Emerging Markets

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What our clients say:

“CEL consulting is a dynamic, innovative organization with 'out of the box' thinking that is positively geared to take organizations to the next level in supply chain optimization.  The ability for attention to detail and 'hands on' approach to work under severe time constraints and deliver positive results is excellent.” -


Pharaoh Hirani, Managing Director

“CEL has supported our operation to increase capacity to 250% and productivity by 20% without affecting our service level. Above all they are really dedicated to results and ensure it is sustainable. Great people, strong know-how, excellent value for money and experience.”


Mark Van Den Assem, Country Director

“CEL team has a strong expertise in logistics and in industrial projects set up. They have capability to streamline supply chain systems for efficiency with a pro-active, structured yet flexible approach. CEL helps us to understand and master our current and future supply chain challenges, which is greatly contributing to Lafarge development in Vietnam and Indonesia.”


Marc Jarrault, General Manager

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