Supply Chain Strategy Consulting

Build your company a Strategic Foundation


To build a cost-effective supply chain, the company should focus on having its foundation right first. CEL Supply Chain Strategy Consulting Service includes all strategic matters with the aim to serve its customers in the most efficient way.


Companies don’t compete; supply chains compete. Competing supply chains are the future. However, it is unfortunate that supply chain management too frequently gets viewed in a tactical way by the most senior levels of many companies. Excellence in Supply Chain Management impacts directly to the key performance indicators that the top executives monitor and care about the most. Excellence in supply chain management dictates significant aspect of customer satisfaction, operating performance and many other key performance indicators that determine the health of your company. These are critically important because they determine the amount of available cash and investments you can make in launching new products, opening new markets…


CEL helps companies develop their supply chain strategy, evaluate and transform their existing supply chain design, and integrate and improve their supply chain processes. CEL is one of the pioneers in the region in using sophisticated strategic supply chain planning and modelling tools to more efficiently manage demand and align supply, and quantify the total costs and benefits of supply chain change. By linking supply chain performance to financial impact, we translate supply chain actions into the language of the boardroom to support the CEO agenda.


Do these questions sound familiar to you?

  • Do you have the right supply chain strategy? Is your supply chain network design optimal?

  • Having difficulty integrating demand and supply?

  • How much inventory should you have and where should it be stocked?

  • Does your technology and planning processes appropriately manage your supply chain complexity?

  • Are your supply chain processes lean and agile?

  • Is your company the weakest link in the supply chain?

  • Is your strategic sourcing aligned with company goals and initiatives?

  • Are you benefiting as expected from collaborative planning with your partners?


CEL Consulting Services designed for Strategy level include:

  • Supply Chain Strategy Alignment

  • Network Design

  • Operational Due Diligence

  • Partner Selection

  • Value Chain Analysis

  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment & Management

  • Feasibility Study

  • Field Assessment

  • Benchmarking


It is not the Companies that are competing. It is the Supply Chains that are competing. How confident are you for your supply chain strategy in the emerging economies like South East Asia, South America and Africa... or in the new normal of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity?

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