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CEL SCM Evening Talk


Event Language: English


Supplier Relationship Management requires a selective approach. Good Supplier Relationship Management will help us Supplier Relationship Management unlock the Hidden Value in Your Supply Base, becoming a hot and hotter topic in supply chain management. We cannot have a relationship with every supplier; for many suppliers we simply need them to provide what we want, on time, in full, to agreed budget or price. For others some form of intervention may be necessary to keep things on track and yet, for perhaps a small number of other suppliers, it is possible to secure much greater value; value that can, in some cases, make a dramatic and game changing contribution to our business. Our supplier base therefore harbours huge potential; ranging from the potential to prevent damage to our business through to the potential to add great value to our bottom line and help us grow.


Joining this evening talk, you will learn, share about:
1. What are the values we need from our supplier: VIPER (value, innovation, performance, effectiveness & risk)
2. Which supplier we should spend time on, introducing segmentation of supplier based on risk, difficulty, current importance, future importance & alignment
3. What is our intervention to our key supplier: SPM (supplier performance management) , SI&D (supplier improvement & development), SCM (supplier that need supply chain management) and SCR (supplier collaborative relationship)


This evening SCM talk will benefit both supply chain and procurement professionals.



Mr. Iwan Nova


Limited seats.
Fee: You pay for what you consume.


This event has taken place. If you are interested in this event topic, please contact us at so that we can inform you as soon as the next session is scheduled.

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