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Supply Chain Diagnostic

You are interested in assessing your current supply chain and know what needs to be improved in order to support its strategic mission. CEL Supply Chain Diagnostic service aims at evaluating your supply chain operations, including but not limited to structure, processes, people & organization, systems, performance management and risks. The objective of CEL Supply Chain Diagnostic is to identify and prioritize areas of improvement opportunities in the supply chain and provide practical recommendations. The Desired Outcomes of this service are Actionable recommendations and A clear roadmap with relevant improvement initiatives to be implemented in order to improve the supply chain from a particular period of time onwards.

CEL Supply Chain Diagnostic usually takes place in 07 – 15 days, depending on the availability of your project team. Any delays can result in deviation of the estimated duration.

For further details of CEL Supply Chain Diagnostic or booking a meeting with the Experts, please contact Ms Quyen Nguyen,



Supply Chain & Operations In Emerging Markets

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