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This interactive workshop will provide an overview of the concepts, principles, techniques and strategies
used in managing global supply chains. You will get the latest information and trends in supply chain
planning and optimization for every aspect of purchasing, logistics, and inventory management. You will
review supply chain planning and optimization best practices and how to apply them immediately in
your organization!


For organizations in operations and supply chain management, the use of analytics and optimization is a necessary component of the planning and execution process to right size inventory levels, create purchase recommendations, decrease excess inventory, achieve targeted service levels and free up cash from working capital. This is an excellent opportunity to use tools and techniques to grow revenues and decrease operating costs. This presentation will introduce advanced inventory best practices, analytics and optimization.


  • Value creation and strategies in global supply chains

  • Improved material, information, and capital flows

  • Develop solutions to major supply chain management challenges

  • Understand the role of sourcing supply in chains

  • Collaborate more effectively with colleagues

  • Identify supply chain performance drivers and metrics


The trainings are designed for purchasing managers as well as sustainability and quality managers of SMEs and of large corporations. In addition, employees in other corporate functions that are dealing with procurement policies may also find these Supply Chain & Sustainability trainings useful.



  • Current business context and Supply Chain (SC) realities.

  • Overview of Supply Chain Management.

    • The impact of globalization.

    • SC Risk management.

    • Developing a competitive SC strategy.

  • Supply Chain Operations Strategies.

    • Plan – demand and supply planning.

    • Source – selection and development of suppliers.

    • Make – producing goods and services.

    • Deliver – logistics, transportation and warehousing.

    • Return – managing the reverse SC.

  • Enable – managing assets, regulatory and related processes.

  • SC Sustainability.​

    • Definition of sustainability.

    • The triple bottom line (TBL).

    • The Green Supply Chain.

  • SC Collaboration.

    • Customer relationship management (CRM).

    • Supplier relationship management (SRM).

    • Collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR).

  • Measuring Supply Chain Performance.

    • The SCOR Model.

    • Green SCOR.

    • Customer service measurements.

    • Efficiency and inventory measurements.

For further information and registration, please email us at

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