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CEL SCM Evening Talk


Event Language: Vietnamese & English



Calculating the carbon footprint of a company’s comprehensive logistics framework is tremendously complex. Green transport is already important for business customers, 63% of whom believe that companies will regard transportation as a key lever to reduce carbon footprint. We have achieved the highest level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere in the history of humanity, and logistics is the number one contributor to CO2 emissions. Sustainable logistics addresses the operational aspects of sustainable supply chains, and focuses on analyzing the implications of environmental considerations in logistics decisions. Due to a variety of drivers such as green consumers, investors’ long-term perspectives, regulations, etc., many companies currently estimate their carbon footprint and aim for substantial CO2 emissions reduction targets. For instance, the top 10 most successful American companies from Fortune 500 report their yearly CO2 emissions in the Carbon Disclosure Project. While different economic sectors like manufacturing and power generation account for the largest share of CO2 emissions, studies show that transportation (particularly road), is the fastest growing major source in the US.


This evening SCM talk will benefit professionals in logistics, transport, distribution, fleet management, supply chain or anyone who are interested in logistics as their future career or sustainability.



Ms. Thao Nguyen (Decathlon)

Mr. Roberto Mattos (CEL Consulting) 


Limited seats.

Fee: You pay for what you consume.



This event has taken place. If you are interested in this event topic, please contact us at so that we can inform you as soon as the next session is scheduled.

SCM Evening Talk - Sustainable Logistics: Event
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