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Team Activities

At CEL Consulting, besides working towards our business goals, we do commit to sustainable development of talents and local communities. Therefore, CEL team activities are designed with a purpose not only to build and bond the team together but also to contribute to local communities meaningfully. Below are some snapshots of different team activities along the years.

JOY350 Project

Village 9 in Cu Kroa commune, Dak Lak province witnesses a complete absence of local clinics, hospitals or pharmacies, except for a local doctor who can help with simple treatments. For severe cases, the dwellers have to travel tens of kilometers to reach the commune medical center.


In the community, more than 90% of the population is H’Mong and Tay people, migrated from the provinces of Northern Vietnam, and the local households living below the poverty line account for nearly 70%, and the majority of the villagers work for crop plantations. While the Mnong minority group of the households, as farming landowners, can work for themselves by cultivating rice and corn, the incomes are barely enough. Specifically, the average earnings range from 17 to 21 USD / household / month.


In cooperation with the JOY Journey Of Youth organization, CEL Team called for support and coordination to distribute directly to the village: 

  • 350 sets of basic commodities (adult and children clothes, shoes, bags, etc.) donated over 2,000 items from over 200 individuals

  • Cash support with a value up to VND47,027,000 to buy medicine for the villagers. 

CEL Going Less Plastic

Less Plastic is one of CEL Consulting campaigns in fighting against the plastic trashes from daily office and business operations, encouraging colleagues to reduce single-use plastic items in everyday going to work, figuring alternatives to more refillable, reusable products and minimising plastic packaging from office supplies and consumption needed. Before launching this campaign, we conducted a waste audit in order to identify typical types and volumes of wastes at CEL Office. Based on the result of the audit, here are some of our simple steps to reduce the plastic trashes at workspace:

  • Working with the suppliers to switch to plastic-free choices of products, packaging and services

  • Replacing plastic drinking straws from the pantry by grass, bamboo straws

  • Stopping offering plastic drinking bottles in guest receptions, meetings

  • Bring food containers to purchase food, snacks for office at food stalls instead of ordering online and receiving lots of plastic single-use items

  • ...

Mai Tam Chairity Mission

Mai Tam Orphanage is a shelter for approximately 70 infants and children aged from 0-15 years old that affected by AIDS. CEL Team put together a 4-week supply chain charity project to fulfill the orphanage needs through CEL team, client and supplier network. The result from the donation call included:

  • Cash support with value up to US$2,000 to support tuition fees and medicine for the children

  • A newly renovated study room with re-furnished furniture and new walls

  • A full mini van of products including fish sauce, shower gel, shampoo, milk, baby milk powder, chilly sauce, toilet papers, rice, cleaning products, microwave, kid clothes, kid shoes…

  • A wish-to-have lunch of fried chicken spaghetti for the children at Mai Tam.

Talai Charity Mission

Ta Lai Commune is situated in the buffer zone commune of Cat Tien National Park and is home to indigenous ethnic minority groups of the S’tieng and Ma in the Dong Nai Province. This area has encountered a high rate of poverty (795 poor households, 47.43%, Talai commune report 2009). During a team building trip at Ta Lai, CEL Team have put together a charity project to support this local commune. Within 02 weeks of calling for support and coordination, the supply chain charity project result were:

  • 14 scholarships of new academic year for 14 cases

  • 36 carton boxes containing different products to share among 200 local children and villagers

A kid representative receiving the scholarship has shared an appreciation note “Thank you so much. I promise to continue studying harder for better academic performance to support in future to my family, my school, my village.”

The case of 160km/day on motorbike to school

Nguyen Thi Phuong is a mother of great determination and dedication for her blind and paralyzed 6-year-old son, Kiet. Everyday they travel together on motorbike from Tien Giang province to HCMC for 160km total for Kiet’s special education at Nguyen Dinh Chieu School in HCMC. CEL team have worked together with its client network and the supply chain community in HCMC over 04 weeks and managed to find all the needed support to help this case for:

  • A sheltered room in HCMC with all needed furniture and a pre-paid 36 month rent.

CEL Consulting’s Compensation Programme for a part of its ecological impacts

As a part of CEL Consulting’s commitment to minimize ecological impacts from our operations, we have launched the "Going Green & Giving Back" Programme in contributing and planting Hopea Odorata trees at Phuoc Buu - Binh Chau Nature Reserves and Daknong province since January 2018. These trees can grow up to 45 meters in height, with a diameter of up to 4.5 m, according to the World Agroforestry Centre 2018. So far, we have planted 110 trees in a piece of land size of 8 ha in Phuoc Buu and 500 trees in Daknong. Whenever we organize gathering events, we will keep donating more trees to compensate for the negative impacts on ecology created from these gatherings.

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