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Configuring and managing the warehousing and logistic operation is key to the achievement of a company’s customer service and cost management goals. With organisations competing on speed, reliability and flexibility and the ever-increasing pressure for extended product ranges, shorter product life-cycles, customised delivery options and effective and efficient reverse logistics, warehouse and distribution functions are seen as a key driver of organisational success. Designing, implementing and managing efficient and effective warehouse and logistics infrastructure and process often requires enhanced capability across all personnel and a general up-skilling of the function.


This 2-day course is designed to provide insight into warehouse design and operations, good practice in logistics management and the role technology can play in supporting this key value adding function.


This training course will be presented in a highly professional and interactive manner by a regional logistics guru. Participants will learn by active participation during the training seminar through the use of exercises, questionnaires, syndicate and group discussion, training videos and discussions on "real life" issues in their organizations.

Length: 02 days

Language: English


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On completion of this workshop delegates will:

  • Develop their understanding and application of good practice warehouse and logistics management

  • Learn and practice skills which can be used to evaluate effectiveness of their own organisation’s warehousing and logistics processes

  • Enhance knowledge which will help explain the value-adding role of the function to key stakeholdersm and contributing to the efficiency of the logistics

  • Developed an Action Plan towards improved warehousing and logistics for their organisation

  • Be better able to shard good practice with others


1. Introduction

  • Overview of the Supply chain

  • Lean Principles & Concepts

  • Concept of Warehouse Operations

  • Industry-specific Logistics needs

  • What is Lean Warehousing

  • Understanding Lean Concepts

2. Warehouse Operations

  • Flows & Products

  • Functional differences

  • Material Handling

  • Layout & Storage

  • Operational Control

  • Systems & Data

  • Location & Access

  • People and Controls

  • Loading & Transport

  • Safety & Risk

  • Growth


3. Warehouse Walk Around

  • How to observe issues

  • Layout & Flow

  • Optimizing space

  • House keeping & access

  • People & Productivity


4. Operational Case Study / Model Design & Layout

  • Mapping processes

  • Setting Improvement goals

  • Training and Change

5. Execution and Control

6. What have we learned?

7. Action Plan Ahead.



  • Logistics managers

  • Warehouse supervisors

  • Supply Chain associates

  • Key staff from other functions seeking to gain and appreciation of the role and operation of the warehouse



This course can be readily customised to enable client specific warehousing and distribution objectives, configurations, policy, technologies and challenges to be incorporated into workshop materials and delivery. As an in-house workshop this training offers a great opportunity for organisations to develop, share and “standardise” good practice.

Please contact us at for your in-house training needs.


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