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Who is a Supply Chain Consultant?

Supply chain consultants assist clients in developing the tools and knowledge base necessary to build a competitive advantage and boost the profitability of their company. They work with clients to develop strategic plans as well as assist with re-engineer processes which aim at improving supply chain and logistics performance. Supply chain consultants may manage a wide variety of projects including global supply chain optimization, software selection, strategic sourcing, logistics network design…

The job duties of a Supply Chain Consultant can be:
•Assist clients in identifying problems, opportunities and risks
•Gather and analyze relevant supply chain data in order to fully understand the details of the client’s processes
•Examine inefficiencies based on data relevant to procurement metrics, distribution, productivity and customer demand
•Perform facility visits and ask employees supply chain process execution questions
•Develop and evaluate alternative processes
•Propose solutions and process improvements to clients
•Evaluate effectiveness of processes adjustments and changes

What is a Supply Chain Consultant?: Service
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