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Individual Success

CSCP - Ven Tran

I am a chemical engineer but fate and luck have brought me working in the supply chain management area. Two years after my graduation, I entered into logistics industry at DB Schenker. During my 5 years at Schenker, I have worked in different functions from new project implementation, quality and facility setup, to account management. Among which, new project implementation and account management offered me great opportunities to experience with challenges facing our local logistics operation.

CSCP - Linh Le Thi Thuy

I am currently working as a shipping station supervisor at Honc Plant, Holcim Vietnam Ltd. I’m in charge of both inbound and outbound activities at Honc Plant. When attending CSCP, my goal is to reinforce my knowledge about supply chain. Supply chain refers to a wide range of functional areas. I would like to learn more about other aspects and functions of supply chain. Most of the ERP systems used in our company are the same as the content in the CSCP course.

CSCP Story - Frank Murphy

Within a year of earning my CSCP, I've gotten a new job with active involvement in a truly global supply chain for a company with worldwide recognition in the aerospace industry. I'll be traveling to France to meet with other supply chain professionals at my company's central supply node. Members of my chapter are encouraging me to get more involved on the board of my APICS chapter and I'm looking forward to the unfolding journey that lies ahead. Overall, I'm so much happier at work and at home.

Company Success


GE Oil & Gas


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