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Work In Consulting

Work In Consulting: Service

How is it like to be a Consultant at CEL?

CEL Consultants give our clients access to a deep level of expertise combined with the ability to make things happen. For most companies this combination is difficult or too costly to attempt in-house. Consulting in Supply Chain & Operation is project based designing new systems, researching specific markets or improving organizations.

Is Consulting Right for You?

Consulting is known for its long hours, tight deadlines, constantly changing projects, and lots of travel. But it’s also a great way to learn new skills and develop varied interests, or to have a job where no day is quite the same as the last.

08 Reasons for a Graduate to Choose a Career in Consulting

One of the most appealing aspects of consulting is the huge variety of projects you’ll work on, colleagues you’ll work with and clients you’ll meet. Many consultancies also offer international travel opportunities.

Curious about Consulting Career through TV shows, Movies?

Work is a common theme in movies and TV shows. Journalists and doctors tend to show up a lot. But where are all the consultant movies and TV shows?

What is a Supply Chain Consultant?

Supply chain consultants assist clients in developing the tools and knowledge base necessary to build a competitive advantage and boost the profitability of their company. They work with clients to develop strategic plans as well as assist with re-engineer processes which aim at improving supply chain and logistics performance.

Working in Supply Chain

​Working in Supply Chain Consulting

Working in Supply Chain Consulting

Working in Supply Chain Simulation

Work In Consulting: Product
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