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A must have professional certification for Sourcing and Supply Chain practitioners worldwide, the CPSM polishes your skills in testing areas such as Sourcing, Project Management, Transportation, Finance, Supplier Relationship Management, Risk & Compliance, Quality, Leadership, and more. Vastly growing as a “go to” desired credential for Hiring Managers in our field, it provides the perfect edge you need to stay ahead in this competitive marketplace.
The multidimensional expertise demanded by the CPSM® give you a macro perspective of strategic sourcing, cultural awareness, risk compliance issues, organizational global strategy, logistics and sustainability. Knowledge in areas such as finance, purchasing and benchmarking of global suppliers is also covered in the exams. The integrated skill set required to achieve this certification in areas like commodity management, contract negotiations and supplier relationship management allow you to continually evolve and drive value in every link of the supply chain.

CPSM training program has 03 modules, including:

CPSM Module 1

Foundations of Supply Management

CPSM Module 2

Effective Supply Management Performance

CPSM Module 3

Leadership in Supply Management
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