Certified Supply Chain Professional

CSCP program is the only certification that encompasses the entire global supply chain. It covers a breadth of topics - globalization, logistics, supplier and customer relationship management, IT enablement, logistics, etc. It provides a thorough understanding of Supply Chain so employees can identify opportunities for improvement within a company. It sets the standard for supply chain certification and is accepted by leading companies worldwide. It is divided into four modules within a single exam. By earning the APICS CSCP designation, one demonstrates significant commitment to supply chain management profession and career, distinguishes himself as an industry expert, and excels with newly acquired specialized knowledge.


Profession. CSCP is critical to supply chain success. This program promotes cooperation and collaboration. It provides understanding in the interactions and inter-dependencies across the functions. It also provides understanding to supply chain professionals who may not have had the opportunity to work in all aspects of the supply chain and insights into how the various pieces work together. A CSCP designation demonstrates a grasp of supply chain knowledge and competence.

Individual. CSCP helps individuals develop competencies to manage complex worldwide supply chain activities involving suppliers, plants, distributors and customers in a global environment. It helps proven knowledge and organizational skills to strategically streamline operations, greater on-the-job confidence and earning potential and develop a network of supply chain professionals for collaboration.

CSCP designees have the knowledge and skills to positively affect lead times, inventory and bottom-line profitability; interact with existing resources and your ERP system to increase the efficiency of the workplace environment; and create consistency and foster collaboration through best practices, common terminology and corporate-wide communication.

Organization. CSCP helps organizations by aligning global supply chain strategies with business objectives to streamline operations and drive profits; creating common understanding, vocabulary, processes and frameworks within their entity to address their supply chain challenges and opportunities; enabling interdepartmental engagement using a foundation based on global standards; and boosting productivity, collaboration and innovation – when organizations focus on supply chain excellence, they can achieve 70 percent higher performance.


  • Supply Chain Manager

  • Consultant

  • Senior Consultant

  • Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Materials Manager

  • Supply Chain Analyst

  • Business Analyst

  • Logistics Manager

  • Operations Manager


Supply Chain Design / Supplier Management / 3PL, 4PL / Transportation / Customs / Distribution Channels / Customer Management



The CSCP course lasts 8 days. Following this course, in order to receive certification, every student must successfully pass the one exam. After successful completion, an international CSCP certification will be awarded. The recommended duration of this course is 3 months.

CSCP Module 1

Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

CSCP Module 2

Supply Chain Strategy, Design, and Compliance

CSCP module 3

Implementation and Operations

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