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Configuring and managing the warehousing and logistic operation is key to the achievement of a company’s customer service and cost management goals. With organisations competing on speed, reliability and flexibility and the ever-increasing pressure for extended product ranges, shorter product life-cycles, customised delivery options and effective and efficient reverse logistics, warehouse and distribution functions are seen as a key driver of organisational success. Designing, implementing and managing efficient and effective warehouse and logistics infrastructure and process often requires enhanced capability across all personnel and a general up-skilling of the function.


This 2-day course is designed to provide insight into warehouse design and operations, good practice in logistics management and the role technology can play in supporting this key value adding function.



Logistic is the key role in locating products close to customers. The right selection of warehouses, distribution, channel partners, number of stock in each location will impact on our service level to consumers. Therefore it requires the method and tools to:

  • Design distribution network

  • Decide number of stock on each distribution location

  • Decide when and how many to stock in each location by using DRP (distribution requirement planning)

  • Design and manage warehousing

This training will provide a complete tool and skill set for you in logistic and distribution.



Warehouses vary a lot in term of dimensions, functionality, storage and handling equipment used, technology applied. However, Warehouses are key elements in the supply chain of any company and industry. A well designed and operated Warehouse allows an efficient and effective logistics, enabling to meet the business goals and client expectations. But the reality is that most of the time warehouse operations lack of proper knowledge in designing and managing correctly.

​This 3-day course is designed to provide the fundamentals of warehouse operations to young professionals who want to develop their career in logistics.


As the market growing, demand become un certain, customer expect many variety (SKU - stock keeping unit) with small quantity. It is a challenging situation for supply chain in fulfilling the customer order with the right quantity, right quality, right time, right location.


There are some manufacturing environments such as make to stock, make to order, assemble to order and engineer to order. For each environment has specific layout, process and scheduling. For engineer to order in manufacturing, is different in handling with make to stock or make to order. In this training session we will elaborate all aspect of how to manage project in manufacturing.



This course introduces the concepts of Lean Warehousing and how it related to efficient Logistics. Lean warehousing forms an important component of the supply chain – where controlling cost, quality and efficiency are essential for competitive advantage. The course will demonstrate to those directly involved in warehouse operations the various ways they can introduce and operate lean warehousing operations. The course is a mix of conventional training, team problem solving exercises and on site visit.

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